Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Restaurants in London Are Opening at A Rapid Pace Evers

There are more restaurants and online ordering system for restaurants opening at record level any time in the history of London

The assertion of Harden’s London Restaurants which listed that there are 200 new comers in this new edition.

However, the guide has also recorded 76 closures when compared with 56 closures in the year 2015.
The guide’s editor, Peter Harden, said: “Londoner’s are in a true golden age of dining out, as this year’s record openings show. But, there are as many as restaurateurs that will tell you about the competition heightened by the sheer weight of new restaurants with increasing and starting to risk of an oversupply as shown by the rising number of closures.”

He also included that East London has been the best of choice of destination for new operators. Two new openings have achieved the guide’s top 5/5 rating for “outstanding” value of cooking.

Harden’s Annual Restaurant Survey gave restaurant ratings that are based on polls of 7,500 diners.

The Araki achieved the highest average food rating, while the Ledbury received the highest number of votes for “top gastronomic experience”. Meanwhile, Chez Bruce was named Londoner’s favourite restaurant for the 12th year running.

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